Enrique España Naveira

Kike España is an urban researcher, architect and activist, graduated in 2014 from the University of Málaga, having also studied in Incheon (South Korea). He is a member of La Casa Invisible, ULEX and the Lógicas Locales collective. Research assistant at the School of Architecture of Málaga and collaborator of the Educational Innovation Project UMA 13-160. He is coordinating the master plan for rehabilitation of La Casa Invisible. His research interests are on the Right to the City from a transdisciplinary framework.

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Vortrag/Diskussion Sa, 17 OKT 2020
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Steinergasse 8
Steinergasse 8, 1170 Wien
Tram 44, exit »Yppengasse« or subway U6, exit »Alsterstraße« and 5-10 min walking distance

Common Spaces

Space for experimental, non-monetary or non-profit activities is becoming increasingly scarce. Whether artistic or creative work, social or socio-political involvement - as a society we need cheap, accessible and appropriable spaces to experiment, network and act together. But how can such hybrid spaces be created and preserved today? urbanize! welcomes international and local researchers and practitioners to present their good practice, share their experiences and discuss open questions. The conference will be held in english and streamed on echoraeume. Join us!

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